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What’s that you see? It’s shiny and new with the sleekest picture you’ve ever seen? That’s right, it’s the new smartphone you have your eye on! Whether that’s the new iPhone X, the Samsung S9 Plus or the Huawei P20 there’s one that most of us are probably coveting right now. So, before you rush down to your local iPhone specialists or network providers to get your new phone, stop and think about what you need to do with your old phone before simply chucking it at your younger brother’s mate.

First, some sensible tips:
  • Research. Check online how much similar models of your phone are going for on websites such as amazon and gumtree.
  • Compare prices from a few websites and take into account how old your phone is, how much usage it has had and what condition it is in (does it seize up from time to time? Be honest!)
  • Check if you have the original packaging, manual and any accessories such as headphones, that came with the advice. These will definitely add value.
  • Take your time and write up the description, a little more attention goes a long way. Yes, people care about grammar. Remember, the more money you can make on this phone goes towards your new one.
  • Can you trade it in? Talk to your network provider about this option.

Now, you’re ready to sell and you’ve got a buyer, what comes next?

Remove all personal information

You’d honestly be surprised how many people don’t. This is the easiest way for someone to steal your identity. Oh? They have photos of you? They can create a facebook account. They have bank details saved in the memo? See your account balance dwindle. Dr. Mobile Phone Repair guide you through the easy steps to wipe and re-set your phone before it gets into anyone else’s hands, hence preventing any invasion of your privacy.

How to clear the data from your Android device

Here’s how you can save your personal info for yourself, but make sure others can’t get at it.

It’s three simple steps:
  1. Open your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections and ‘delete’ all connections and devices.
  2. Go to ‘System’ to synchronise your apps and tap ‘Backup’. Here you can backup to your own Google Drive so you get to save all your photos and music.
  3. Clear all personal information by selecting ‘Settings’, then go to ‘System’. Here you select ‘Reset’ or ‘Backup and Reset’ and selecting “Factory data reset” then “Reset phone” to completely erase any personal information on there.
How to remove data from your iPhone
  1. Any Bluetooth connections you have, unpair them now.
  2. Backup all information to iCloud, your laptop, or an external hard drive.
  3. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘iCloud Name’ followed by ‘Sign out’ and then ‘Turn off’ to sign out of your iCloud account.
  4. Then choose ‘Settings,’ tap ‘General,’ select ‘Reset,’ and choose the option that says ‘Erase all content and settings’.
Please don’t just throw your phone away, this creates electronic waste, which is harmful to the environment.

Mobile Phone Repairs by the Experts

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