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Since 2010, the iPad has quickly become indispensable in people’s lives as a powerful, portable and user-friendly tablet. Occupying the space between the mobile phone and the computer, the iPad resembles the modern mobile phone while boasting the power and usability of the iMac. With its touchscreen display instead of a keyboard and large range of powerful applications, the iPad was first mass-market tablet to achieve widespread popularity in the heady days of the early 2010s. From browsing on Amazon at home to watching Netflix, doing office work on a business trip to using it as a point-of-sale device - the iPad is a modern engineering marvel.

Having such amazing capabilities in one small portable machine means that there a lot of things that can go wrong though! Like its little brother the iPhone, the mobility of the iPad is often the cause of its biggest repair - breaking the screen. This can happen in many different ways but it’s usually caused by the owner dropping it onto a hard surface, such as a kitchen floor or a concrete path when out and about. The extent of the damage that an iPad suffers when it is dropped to the floor is largely down to how it lands. If the iPad hits the ground face down then it is likely that it won’t suffer too much damage as the impact is spread evenly over the entire surface. However, this impact may weaken the integrity of the material which can make it more susceptible to shattering if it gets dropped again, even if you can’t see any visible damage. If your iPad hits the ground on one of its corners though, the uneven surface means that all the energy from the fall hits a small point and is focused which leads to a shattered screen.

When one of these things happen all of them are likely to elicit a wince, a curse or at worst, a scream! The iPad is an expensive piece of kit whatever way you look at it and its manufacturer can certainly charge you a lot to fix the screen. Thankfully Dr Mobile Repairs offer an unbeatable service at a price that you can afford. Here is how they do it:

The iPad Glass 14-Step Repair Process

1. Back Up

Firstly, the engineer will back up all of your data using iTunes or iCloud to ensure that your precious information is safe.

2. Heating

The engineer then will heat up the sides of the iPad using a heat gun. The purpose of this is to make the adhesive that holds the screen panel in place unstuck.

3. Prying

A thin pry tool is inserted into a top corner of the iPad to gradually inch the screen up. Once the corner of the iPad has become successfully separated, the engineer keeps the pry tool under the panel and employs another prying tool to slide down and remove the entire panel. Great care is used during this process as the WiFi antenna or the cameras digitiser cable can easily be damaged. The heat gun is often applied again at this stage to enable to smooth removal of the panel.

4. Disconnecting The Panel From The Main Circuit Board

Now that the engineer has the front panel off of the iPad, he or she will need to disconnect it from the circuit board. To do this the engineer will remove the LCD display by unscrewing its screws and disconnecting the LCD plug which is under the LCD screen. The panel is now free to be removed.

5. Removing The Panel

The engineer can now remove the front panel by using the two locking levels that fasten it to the body of the iPad’s case.

6. Removing The Camera Digitiser Cable

The next job for the engineer is to remove the camera digitiser cable. This is located at the bottom left of the iPad and needs to be slowly peeled away from the metal shielding of the main board.

7. Removing The Home Button

As the smashed front panel is now one hundred percent removed, the engineer now has to remove the home button. He or she does this by using a screwdriver to take out its two screws and then using the heat gun again to heat up the bracket holding it. The engineer can then pry the button off and then remove the camera plate at the top. The engineer then takes special care to remove all the adhesive by scraping it off with help from the heat gun again.

8. Reattach The Home Button

Now that everything is ready for the replacement, the engineer will reattach the home button to the new front panel.

9. Reattach The Metal Camera Plate

Next, the engineer will reattach the metal camera plate to the new front panel.

10. Reconnect The Digitiser Cable

By flipping down the two locking levers, the engineer can reattach the digitiser cable so that the iPad case and front panel are connected again.

11. Reconnect the LCD Screen

The next task for the engineer is to reconnect the LCD screen by using the four screws that were removed earlier.

12. Checking

The engineer then carefully places the front panel onto the iPad to ensure that it aligns as it should. By turning on the iPad, he or she can also make sure that it works properly and boots up. If everything looks good then the engineer will turn the iPad off.

13. Adhesive

Once the engineer knows that everything is properly aligned and working as it should, he or she can apply adhesive to the iPad body. Extra care is taken to ensure that there is no dust or dirt trapped between the LCD screen and the front panel of glass.

14. Flip The Front Panel

The engineer’s last step is to very carefully flip the front panel onto the iPad case and make sure that it aligns correctly while sticking to the adhesive as it should. Once he is confident that it’s all held down securely the engineer can then inspect the screen and appreciate his or her handiwork.

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