Dr Mobile | Six Mobile App Trends of 2018



Whether we like it or not, smartphones have pretty much become an extension of our very being. It is believed that a whopping 2.5 billion of us own one, a number which is set to rise in the future. Initially, a mobile phone was just that, a portable phone. But of course, being the intelligent and curious beings that we are, we’ve developed the mobile phone into a technological hybrid; almost everything we could possibly need, just in our pockets.

Smartphones are made even smarter by the incredible apps being developed all the time to optimise the user experience. 2018 has seen a surge in state-of-the-art technology, and mobile apps are keeping up. As a phone repair business based in Nottingham, we always keep a keen eye on the latest in smartphone technology to ensure our customers get what they want from their phone. Here are our favourite mobile app trends of the moment:

Mobile wallet

With fewer people carrying cash, more instant and efficient payment methods are required. First, we had contactless cards, but now apps like Apple Pay and Paypal are allowing users to pay simply using their smartphone - no cash or card required. Business owners, take note.

Health and fitness

In our current health-conscious society, combining technology with our health and fitness interests helps to keep us in routine. Whether it’s guided meditation, a step counter or a full personal training app, there’s plenty out there to get us feeling happier and healthier using our phones.


The Internet of Things has been all the rage this year. It’s a system of interrelated objects - they could be digital or mechanical, or even humans or animals - which exchange data without human interaction. You’ll see this game-changing technology in home automation apps - apps that control your home appliances, lighting and security devices remotely.

AR and VR

Augmented and virtual reality technology is revolutionising the smartphone world. From fun apps like Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters, to practical uses like IKEA Place which allows customers to design their homes with virtual furniture, AR is infinitely expanding our reality.


Despite the expanding storage possibilities on our smartphones, the Cloud is an increasingly popular place to store our virtual stuff. Cloud-based apps such as Dropbox are more reliable and secure than storing data elsewhere, so we no longer have to fear data hacking or leaking.

Wearable apps

Set for substantial growth over the next few years, wearable apps show that we really are becoming at one with technology. Smartwatches allow us to access all the features of our smartphones on a watch. Meanwhile, wearable apps are also currently dominating the health and fitness market; with wristbands to monitor our sleep, step counters embedded within our smartphones and even smart gloves to improve our golf swing.

If you’re itching to test out this incredible technology but your smartphone screen is cracked or damaged, get down to Dr Mobile Phone Repairs in Nottingham. We’ll repair iPhones and androids so that you can using the apps you love and keep up with the latest trends. If this is mobile technology in 2018, what does 2019 have in store for us…?
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