Dr Mobile | Safety Tips for Working at Height


Working at height can be extremely dangerous and put you at risk if you are not following the correct safety precautions. Many industries, such as construction, require employees to work at height which is often unavoidable when constructing new buildings or making repairs on old ones.

At DH Scaffold, we understand how important it is to ensure that both you and your employees are safe while working at height. Follow our top tips below.

Avoid working at height where possible

Often, it is advised to avoid working at height unless absolutely necessary. Wherever possible, you should aim to avoid putting yourself at risk. If it is possible to complete the work and achieve the same result on the ground, then you should do this instead. Try to do as much work as you can whilst on the ground, such as organising equipment beforehand and preparing suitable materials.

Plan the work beforehand

It is important that, before you begin working at height, you produce a clear plan of the process. This plan should consider potential evacuation procedures, emergency situations, potential risks to people around, and more. Should something go wrong, you and your employees should be prepared to deal with the situation.

Use the correct equipment

Before carrying out any work, it is important that you use the correct equipment to safely complete the task. The type of equipment you require will depend on the type of work being carried out and the height you need to reach. A ladder, for example, may be sufficient for a small painting job, however scaffolding is absolutely necessary for larger construction projects.

Ensure staff complete the relevant training

All members of staff working on a building project should have completed the relevant training (IPAF or PASMA courses) to use mobile access towers and powered access equipment. Even if your staff are simply using ladders, they should have received the appropriate training on how to work at height on ladders. If your staff are not trained to operate the equipment, you should acquire a qualified operator.

Monitor the work

The work or job being carried out should always be monitored closely to ensure that staff are completing the work correctly and using equipment safely. This is imperative in order to prevent any risks, injuries or accidents. Should you notice anything wrong with the safety of the work being carried out, be sure to stop the work and to address the problem.

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