Dr Mobile | Mobile Phone Repairs in the UK – The Facts



Ever dropped your phone and felt the anguish before you picked it up that the screen may be cracked or that something internal may have been damaged when it hit the ground? You’re not alone! Despite the fact that most of us try are best to be careful with our mobile phones, many hit the ground every day and almost 20 million people are estimated to have a broken phone in the UK that they still use. Some people are even happy to buy a slightly damaged mobile phone if it’s one of the top brands such as iPhone or Samsung. Dr. Mobile, experts in tablet and mobile phone repairs let you in on some of the facts about smartphone repairs in the U.K.

Top three phone types repaired in 2017:

In 2017, the demand for repairing certain types of phones was higher than others. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 6 was the most repaired phone and a sizeable percentage of iPhone 7 handsets were also in for cracked screen repair. In second place was the Samsung S6 handset, which proves that both technology giants are still at the forefront of smartphones. Third place was awarded to Sony Xperia.

Putting your phone in rice is a myth

Despite the strong urban myth to the contrary, putting your phone in a bag of rice will not repair water damage. Drying the phone out may allow the phone to operate again temporarily, but it is not a permanent fix and only a phone expert can advise what has gone on internally. Water damage usually spells the end for a phone, whether now or in a couple of week’s time. Similarly, placing your phone on top of a radiator won’t help it recover and could in fact damage it further, so if you’re one of the 6% of UK citizens who think this, then you are sadly mistaken.

Samsung and iPhone repairs don’t cost as much as you think!

More than a quarter of the population are worried about how much they’ll have to spend if they need to fix their mobile phone. However, Dr. Mobile can fix your screen from about £19 and we offer 3 months warranty with that!

Facts and figures
  • 31% of people in the UK think it costs more than £100 to fix a mobile phone (this is incorrect)
  • Around 22% of people in the UK use a phone with a cracked screen
  • 9% are using a smartphone that doesn’t charge properly
  • 16% of users believe their phone’s battery needs replacement
  • Damaged iPhones that can still make and take calls are being sold for up to 60% of their value on second-hand sites
  • 28% of Brits believe that fixing a smartphone takes around a week or longer (incorrect!)
  • 40% of Brits say they couldn’t last more than a day whilst their phone is being fixed!

Mobile, iPad and Tablet Repairs

If you need iPhone or Samsung repairs Dr. Mobile can help. Don’t walk around with a broken phone – call us on 079 7012 3451 and we’ll have it sorted quickly and at an unbeatable price!