Dr Mobile | How Unlocking Your Phone Can Save Money on Your Bill



When you get a new phone, you’re often tied to a network, and you agree to stay with them for a certain length of time, with a big penalty if you leave. However, if you’re coming to the end of your contract, you may be tempted by deals from other networks, or feel like you’re being pressured into accepting a new contract with your current one. However, with mobile phone repairs becoming increasingly cheap, and many people looking to save money, lots of us want to keep our phones for longer, and by unlocking your handset, you can save a lot of money.

Avoiding lengthy contracts

One major reason why people unlock their phones is so they can go onto shorter contracts. Networks are increasingly offering longer and longer contracts, and while you used to sign up for 12-months at a time, it’s now common to see 24 and even 36-month contracts being offered. However, once you’re at the end of it, the phone is yours, and often some simple Samsung repairs can get it looking like new. Therefore, you don’t have to sign up to a long contract to get a functional phone.

Choice of networks

Everyone knows the best way to save money is to shop around, and when you unlock your phone you can:
  • Compare a wider range of tariffs
  • Choose cheaper, new networks instead of the major ones
  • Choose short contracts or switch to pay as you go
  • Use foreign SIM cards when travelling to save money on roaming

Being able to change networks makes life so much easier, and means you aren’t tied to one of the pricey major networks, at the mercy to their price rises. If you have an old handset, some iPhone repairs can leave it looking like new, replacing even smashed screens or broken cases, so you can use it for longer.

Quick and easy

It’s very quick and easy to unlock a phone, and it usually only costs a few pounds, which you soon recoup in savings. Take it to iPhone specialists and they’ll simply be able to unlock it using specialist software. And yes, it’s perfectly legal to unlock a phone that has been locked to a network.

Sell it on

If you’ve got a great deal on a new contract, consider getting your old phone unlocked anyway. Second hand phones, especially iPhones and Samsung handsets, can make a lot of money, and if they’re unlocked then you’ll often get much more interest in the item. By spending a few pounds, you can get the best price for your phone, and find a buyer through local selling sites, eBay or through a specialist retailer.

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