Dr Mobile | Four Phones That We’ll Never Forget



Since the first ever telephone invented in 1876, phones have come a long way. We now live in a golden age of technology, but some devices can never be forgotten. From the 1980’s when yuppies ruled the streets with the iconic ‘brick’ phone, to the flip phone owned by teenage girls in every chick flick, it seems mobile phones have taken the world by storm.

The ‘brick’ phone

In 1985 the first mobile phone arrived in Britain, bringing with it a hefty price tag of £3,000 and upwards in today’s money. This meant that having a mobile phone was considered a luxury, with young business professionals being the main consumer - and with that the creation of the ‘Yuppie’ was born. The Wolf of Wall Street is a great example of how yuppies operated in the 1980’s. Today, the oversized phone seems comical compared to the compact devices we now all own. But, while we may all laugh, the phones have surprisingly retained high value. Those lucky enough to own one have sold them for thousands in some cases- irony at its finest.

Flip Phone

Just like belly tops, scrunchies and platform shoes the flip phone was an iconic feature of the mid-90’s. Many teen chick-flicks featured the classic phone as a symbol of high school life, and of course those watching had to have one too. Let’s face it, the feeling of slamming a flip phone shut after an argument was the definition of satisfaction. The trend carried on into the early 2000’s, and even now it’s recognised as a timeless piece full of nostalgia.

Nokia 3310

Who can forget the classic Nokia 3310. Released on September 1, 2000, the phone proved a popular hit selling more than 126 million devices, making it one of the most popular mobiles of it’s time. The 3310 introduced a new form of communication, allowing people to chat via text instead of via phone calls. You could also customise this bad boy with press on covers, and who can forget that clear waterproof case complete with belt clip. Joking aside, one great feature of this mobile is the outstanding battery life. One full charge would provide you with an amazing 22 hours of talk time, and would keep running for 31 days in standby mode.


Although designed for business use, the Blackberry craze was followed by many teenagers. The novel keyboard proved popular, but it was the ingenious Blackberry Messenger that really proved a hit with teens. The free messenger service allowed you to chat to your friends for free, similar to Whatsapp, without running up a hefty bill. Sharing your ‘BB pin’ was the pinnacle of all young Blackberry users.


Last but in no way least is Apple’s Iphone. On November 9, 2007, the first generation iphone was launched in Europe, with CEO Steve Jobs announcing it’s computer-like capabilities that hadn’t been seen before. Since then, the Iphone has gone on to get bigger and better, making Apple one of the top three smartphone companies in the world. The Iphone has changed how we interact; we are no longer limited to calls and texts, but apps, social media and games have connected us in a whole new way. Without the Iphone it’s difficult to predict how we’d use mobile devices today.

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