Dr Mobile | Four Mobile Phone Trends That Took the World By Storm



With the advancement of technology forever expanding, it can be easy to forget what mobiles were like before all the features we now use were invented. Here are four of the best mobile trends and features that have taken the world by storm.

Emojis and language
Texting without emojis seems like an alien concept. In the beginning there were emoticons, and animated images used on chat room sites, which meant you could send that cheeky wink to someone you fancied. But emojis are more than just a smiley faces, they’re a language of their own and represent the way we communicate digitally. The first emoji was designed by Japanese artist Shigetaka Kurita in 1999. With an aim of creating a simple way to convey information, Kurita sketched pixel images that could be accessed by your mobile’s keyboard. His range of 176 emojis are now a permanent collection at the Museum of Modern Art in New York. From characters showing the weather, vehicles and hearts, digital messaging was given a boost of personality and emotion. In today’s world emojis have come a long way, and represent a whole new range of lifestyles, races and ages.

Downloadable ring tones
In early-mid 2000’s, having your ringtone as the latest chart topper or movie theme song was the definition of cool. But, you can’t talk about ringtones without mentioning Crazy Frog. 21 years since it first came into our lives, the tune was a surprisingly massive hit throughout 2005. The sound was created by Daniel Malmedahl as he impersonated the sound of a two stroke engine. In 2003 Erik Wernquist was inspired to create a CGI character to accompany the noise, and the popularity of this lead to ringtone company Jamster België getting on board. They renamed the character and Crazy Frog was born. With a remix of Axel F, the frog launched a pop career and spent four weeks at number 1 in the UK charts: much to Coldplay’s dismay who were beaten by 113,000 copies. The number of streams and downloads means that Crazy Frog is a platinum selling single. But, still as annoying as ever.

Before, apps were games like Snake, a classic feature of Nokia phones. However, for millennials their phones are dominated by apps such as Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp. The need to access your social media while on-the-go makes these examples some of the most popular in the world. But gaming on your mobile is still a popular past time. Candy Crush and Angry Birds being some of the staple games that come to mind. In recent years we’ve also been hit with popular apps such as Pokemon Go and Flappy Bird. The latter being so addictive that it was later banned. With an app for almost any area, they’ve become a daily tool in many people’s lives.

When you’re not taking a selfie featuring a Snapchat filter, you need your phone’s camera to be high quality. Gone are the days of fuzzy pictures. The first mobile with a built in camera was manufactured by Samsung, featuring a 0.35 megapixel lense, you wouldn't have been on top of your selfie game with that phone. In comparison, today’s phones can shoot in 4K video and the resolution of some cameras can make your selfies look like professional headshots.

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