Dr Mobile | A Guide to Current UK Scaffolding Prices


When you take on a residential or commercial construction project, there is a lot to consider. Everything from scaffolding and skip hire to planning applications and insurance must be budgeted in, so it’s essential to make savings where you can. However, you also need to make sure you choose quality professional services that will create a long-lasting and premium finished product.

As with all industries, the construction industry is subject to frequent fluctuations in prices and when you take on a renovation project, it’s essential that you’re aware of how much everything is going to cost. The scaffolding industry remains fairly stable- materials are reused by companies and don’t need to be shipped in from elsewhere. However, as with anything, scaffolding services do vary across the UK and there are a lot of variables which can affect the cost for both trade contacts and customers alike. Below, we offer a guide to the cost of scaffolding services and the number of variables that affect the cost for the end consumer- the property owner.

Why use scaffolding services?

For many home renovation projects, scaffolding is an essential addition to the long list of services required. Whether you want to make your home more eco-friendly by adding solar panels or you’re planning a large loft conversion, it’s crucial that the tradesmen can access the higher parts of your home efficiently and safely. While some minor jobs may only require a ladder, for anything more elaborate you’ll most definitely require the services of a professional scaffolder.

Not only is the use of a ladder potentially dangerous, but erecting scaffolding is also more cost-effective for jobs that are going to take more than a couple of weeks. With scaffolding, more than one professional can work at a height at one time, which saves time for the construction team and therefore the overall labour costs. Also, heavy building materials can be kept up on the scaffolding for easy access, saving workers going up and down ladders and potentially risking injury.

So, overall, opting to erect scaffolding for a renovation or construction project is a cost-effective solution to managing those hard-to-reach jobs. However, it’s important to remember that there a number of different variables that can affect the price of scaffolding. Next, we explore some of those variables.

Scaffolding cost variables

The cost of scaffolding is dependant upon a number of factors that directly affect the price of scaffolding for a construction or renovation project. It’s the norm to pay for the cost of the material, plus the cost of labour for set-up and take down, however, the scaffolding cost per day mainly depends on the size and the amount of time it takes to set up, which are affected by the following factors:

Length of hire

While it may sound obvious, the length of time that the scaffolding is required has a significant impact on the cost and it pays to know the standard rules and regulations. Generally, the minimal rental period is usually six to eight weeks, but some companies may offer a short-term rental period if necessary. You’ll be provided with a fixed sum for this period, however, if your project overruns due to unforeseen circumstances and you need the scaffolding for longer than anticipated, you’ll have to make arrangements with your scaffolding company. In most cases, they’ll allow you to pay an additional weekly rate beyond the six to eight week period.


Scaffolding structures range from simple first floor constructions to enormous structures that wrap around an entire multi-storey building. Depending on the size and height of the scaffolding, the costs can vary hugely. The higher the structure, the more expensive it will cost and if the scaffolders need to consider awkward spaces or structural outcrops when setting up the scaffolding, you’ll need to incorporate this into your budget.


As with all trades, where you live will affect the price you pay for scaffolding. Scaffolding services in London are going to cost much more than the same service elsewhere in the UK, particularly a small rural village where there is less competition.

Number of levels

Scaffolding structures can be built to incorporate just one accessible level, or two or more levels for more extensive projects. For example, if you’re carrying out a full house paint, you’ll need multiple walkways scaling up the house. However, if you’re just fixing a chimney or re-tiling the roof, you’ll simply need one stable level at the top.

Restriction of public access

For most scaffolding projects, you won’t need to obtain a licence or official permission to erect the structure. However, if the scaffolding has to be built on a public road or footpath and it obstructs passers-by, you’ll need to arrange a licence from your local council, which comes at a price. If it’s a particularly large project, you may also have to arrange for a road closure or diversion, which can be very expensive. It’s important to be aware of the size of the scaffolding structure required and the logistics of where it’s going to stand in case you need to factor in these costs.

Special requirements

If your residential or commercial building is an unusual shape, this can make the work of a scaffolder much more difficult. If the scaffolding needs to bridge over a conservatory, pathway or driveway then the scaffolding team will have to make special alterations to the structure which can also come with additional costs. Equally, if the scaffolding needs to be erected on sloped or uneven ground, the footings may need to be specially altered in order to make the structure safe.

Ease of access

Following on from the previous point, if your site isn’t particularly easy to access or the set-up and take down requires a little more time and attention than a standard structure, you should expect additional costs. For example, if the property has no side passage and the scaffolders need to bring the equipment through the house, costs can increase. The cheapest scaffolding quotes are for projects that allow scaffolders to easily snap together a frame on a standard building.

Compare quotes from various scaffolding companies

When you choose to enlist the services of a professional scaffolding company, the best way to ensure you’re getting good value for money is to gather quotes from a minimum of three different scaffolding companies. By collecting at least three different scaffolding quotes from companies in your local area, you can get a good idea of how much your structure is going to cost, taking into account the variables we’ve described above. The best companies will be able to design a scaffolding structure that incorporates your site’s specific requirements, whilst also offering an efficient and cost-effective service.

At DH Scaffolding, we are a specialist scaffolding design consultancy for clients working within the construction industry. Our scaffolding designs ensure that our clients - and subsequently their customers - get the best scaffolding prices available. Our expert designers and engineers are able to take into account the specific requirements of the project to ensure that costs are kept to a minimum whilst also creating a bespoke scaffolding structure.

We offer site surveys where our team visit the site in question in order to discuss the needs of the project and gain an understanding of what type of scaffolding structure is required. Following this, we can provide a free quotation so that the construction team and property owner can get an idea of how much everything will cost.

We’re also able to provide additional work to existing structures- otherwise known as ‘as-built’ scaffolding. If an existing structure needs immediate additional work, costs can mount up quickly for construction teams and property owners alike. However, here at DH Scaffolding, we always make sure that our solution to the problem is fast, efficient and cost-effective.

At DH Scaffolding we’re proud of our loyal client base of around 2,000 happy customers, including civil engineering contractors, architects, structural engineers and scaffolding contractors- all of which trust our expert team to design the perfect scaffolding structure for any project they work on. So, if you’re in the Sheffield area and you find yourself searching for “scaffolding near me”, you’ll find that our premium-designed structures are highly recommended by a wide variety of local construction organisations.

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