Dr Mobile | 4 Reasons to Repair Rather Than Replace an iPhone



We’ve all had one of those heart-stopping moments where we’ve dropped or otherwise damaged our phone. Whether it’s on a concrete pavement or down the loo, there are endless ways that your iPhone can escape your grasp and end up damaged, and it always seems to be at the least convenient time. Luckily, iPhones are pretty robust, so most of us can simply dust off our phone or put it in rice and hope it’ll come back online. But if your iPhone is badly smashed or won’t switch on, is it gone for good? Many people see this as a time to get an upgrade or look for a new handset, but by using iPhone specialists to repair your phone, you can get your phone back to great condition. Here are just a few of the reasons you should try and repair before you replace.

1. Save money

A new iPhone can be costly. Even if you go for a second-hand model, they can be hundreds of pounds, while a new phone through your network can mean a long, expensive contract. iPhone repairs usually work out much cheaper than buying a new phone, even when you take parts and labour into consideration.

2. Many repairs are straightforward

You may think that your iPhone is going to be extremely complex to repair, perhaps involving sending it off, but many repairs are much quicker and simpler than you think. If you use an expert in mobile phone repairs, your job can often be done on the day, as long as the parts are available, so you get your phone back much quicker.
Some repairs that can be carried out on iPhones include:
  • Screen replacements
  • Camera repair
  • Liquid damage repair
  • Repair of charging door
  • Resolving signal issues

Out of these repair jobs, things like screen replacements are among the most common, as the iPhone screen can be easy to smash. However, this repair can often be done in just 10-minutes or so, with no need to post your phone back to Apple.

3. Be environmentally friendly

Mobile phones use a lot of resources such as metals and minerals, so they’re not necessarily the most environmentally friendly items you can buy. That’s why it’s worth hanging onto your phone for as long as possible, simply having parts replaced rather than the whole headset, which is a much greener choice.

4. No need to transfer to a new phone

While getting a new iPhone can be fun, it means learning to use a new phone and transferring your data across, something most of us can’t be bothered to do regularly. That’s why many people choose iPad & tablet repairs, as well as iPhone repairs, because it means they don’t have to learn a newer system. Those who are a little technophobic will especially appreciate getting their old phone back.

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