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These days, most of us have some sort of personal computer at home or at work. Whether it’s to help you keep on top of your workload or to simply binge your favourite shows on Netflix, laptops have firmly planted themselves within our day to day lives.

Because of this, when our computers begin to run into problems, it can be extremely irritating. Laptops are expensive pieces of kit and the thought of having to fork out hundreds if not thousands of pounds on a new model is never going to be fun.

However, before you give up on your beloved computer and trade it in for a new one, it might be worth taking it in to have a professional technician see if they can sort the problem out first. Some issues that arise with our computers can be quickly rectified and in some cases, can be solved with little to no cost. With this in mind, here are some of the most common laptop problems and how to fix them.


This is an issue that you may not notice until problems start arising, but a laptop that is constantly overheating will lead to crashes and other hardware failures. If you’re noticing these problems or even if your laptop feels exceedingly hot, it’s important to spend time cleaning the air vents around the computer aiding in cooling. This can be done by simply running a cloth over the vents to unclog any excess dust.

If you still have problems you made need to update your BIOS, which is in charge of your laptop’s hardware. An update may aid in your laptops heat management and sort the problem out.

Running slow?

If your laptop is running lots of different things at once, it’s going to be pretty likely that it’ll slow down. However, if you find that your computer is being irritatingly slow for seemingly no reason at all, it could be a sign of other problems.

One of the most common culprits behind this problem is the build-up of disorganised information making computational decisions take longer. To counteract this, Windows has a built-in disk defragmenter to counteract this very problem, however, you can buy defragmentation programmes which do the same thing.

Battery not charging

Laptops are pretty great due to their portability, so if you’re finding the battery dying on you after five minutes away from a plug socket, you might be currently pulling your hair out. This is always a bit of a difficult one as batteries deteriorate over time, however, some decline faster than others.

If this is the case, you’ll likely need to swap in a new battery to see any positive results. Buying straight from the retailer can be expensive so visiting your local repair shop could save you a significant amount of cash.

Quality laptop repair in Nottingham

When your laptop runs into problems, it can be a real pain to know what to do next. Rather than paying over the odds for a new model or a repair by the manufacturer, bring you faulty computer to Dr Mobile Phone Repairs.

Our team of technicians are on hand to make all necessary repairs and tweaks to get your laptop running at optimum efficiency. For more information on our range of repair services, visit our website.
Let’s face it, we all experience problems with our mobile phones from time to time. No matter how well designed and durable a smartphone may be, it’s bound to experience some issue or the other at some point. And that shouldn’t come as a major surprise considering the amount we use it.

Even Samsung phones, which are known to be high quality and extremely well made, can suffer accidents or internal breakdowns occasionally.

So, what do you do if you experience any problems with your Samsung device?

Simple, you seek out a Samsung phone repair specialist. A Samsung repair expert will be qualified in dealing with all and any issues related to your device, including the common issue of Samsung screen repair. No matter which Samsung model or related issue you have, it’s likely that your repair specialist is familiar with fixing it.

Let’s take a closer look at the specific issues that a Samsung phone repair specialist can help you with.

Samsung phone repair

First and foremost, a Samsung repair specialist will have the knowledge and expertise to repair any model of Samsung phone. Whether you’re experiencing problems with the latest Galaxy model or you need a closer look at the internal components of your older model, reach out to a phone repair company with Samsung specialists.

Replacement parts for your Samsung phone

If you’ve had your Samsung phone for a while, you may need replacement parts to get it back in working order. The older your phone’s model is, the more likely it is that it deteriorates in performance. It may simply stop working from overuse and age one day. But don’t panic - most Samsung phone repair issues are fixable.

Replacing your phone’s parts can be a cost-effective and simple way to boost its performance without the need to invest in a whole new device. You’d be surprised how much better your existing phone can serve you with a few replacements. A specialist will be able to investigate exactly which components require replacement and order these for you. They’ll also fit them for you and make sure your phone is running at an optimum level before returning it to you.

Samsung screen repair

As a mobile phone repair specialists, we get multiple daily enquiries for screen repair. No matter how high-quality your smartphone is, accidents happen and the screen is often the most likely to suffer. Most UK smartphone screens are manufactured using toughened glass which is built to
endure accidents. But even these durable materials can still crack or break if dropped from a height. Most cracked screens still work but they look unsightly and can make deciphering text on your screen difficult.

A Samsung repair specialist will be able to help you with Samsung screen repair easily. They’ll know exactly which screen can be fixed without the need for a replacement, and which one needs to be fitted with a new one. Place your broken screen phone (and trust) in the hands of
an expert and you’ll get it back as good as new.

Although your Samsung warranty doesn’t cover broken screens, Samsung repair specialists will fix it to a high standard using only official Samsung replacement screens.

Samsung battery replacements

If your Samsung device isn’t working as well as it once did, it could be due to battery issues. At Dr. Mobile Phone Repair, we can replace your battery quickly and easily. We have many Samsung replacements in stock so you won’t have to wait to get your phone back in your hands.

Software advice about Android

Your Samsung phone could be in great working order, but you could be wondering how you can make better use of all its features. A Samsung phone repair specialist can also offer you advice on how to make the best use of your new phone.

Not only can we take you through all the features of your device itself, but we can also offer advice about how to use Android. This is especially useful for those of you who may have just switched over from iPhone to Android. We’ll help you learn how to navigate your new Operating System and programme your phone to your desired settings.

Wondering how you can update your software? Just pop in to see us and we’ll be able to do this for you quickly.

Fixing a faulty charging port

It can be extremely frustrating if your Samsung phone simply refuses to charge. This could be due to a damaged charging port. Luckily, a Samsung phone repair specialist will be able to rectify this for you quite quickly and easily.

Samsung phone repairs can be carried out by a specialist extremely quickly

A major benefit of going to a mobile phone repair company that specialises in Samsung repairs is the speed at which they can fix your phone. For example, at Dr Mobile Phone Repair, we can carry out Samsung phone repairs in as little as 30 minutes. Our staff has been specially trained in Samsung-specific issues. As they know the devices and the software extremely well, they know how to diagnose and troubleshoot problems quickly.

This means you don’t need to be away from your phone for nearly as long as you feared!

Other specific Samsung phone repair services from a specialist could include any of the following:

- Replacement or repair of your home button
- Dealing with any issues related to water damage
- Recovering data from your phone
- Replacing or repairing the microphone or headphone jack
- Dealing with any camera and lens issues. Samsung phones are known to have fantastic
cameras and a Samsung specialist will help you make the most of yours!
- Fixing any WiFi issues
- Unlocking your Samsung device in case you’ve decided to switch your mobile data provider

Find out more about our Samsung phone repairs in Nottingham

If you’ve got any Samsung phone issues in Nottingham, get in touch with us here at Dr. Mobile Phone Repairs. We offer a 3 month guarantee for all our repairs. You can be assured that we’ll fix your Samsung device to the highest standard. If our repair fails within the 3 month period, we’ll repair it again completely free of charge.

Whether you’d like Samsung Galaxy repair in Nottingham or you have an older Samsung model you’d like us to take a look at, give us a call today and we’ll give you a quote for your specific Samsung phone issue. You could also visit us at our Nottingham phone repair shop and we can repair most Samsung phone issues within 30 minutes. No bookings are necessary to visit our store, just walk right in and let us help you with your Samsung phone repair.
Ever dropped your phone and felt the anguish before you picked it up that the screen may be cracked or that something internal may have been damaged when it hit the ground? You’re not alone! Despite the fact that most of us try are best to be careful with our mobile phones, many hit the ground every day and almost 20 million people are estimated to have a broken phone in the UK that they still use. Some people are even happy to buy a slightly damaged mobile phone if it’s one of the top brands such as iPhone or Samsung. Dr. Mobile, experts in tablet and mobile phone repairs let you in on some of the facts about smartphone repairs in the U.K.

Top three phone types repaired in 2017:

In 2017, the demand for repairing certain types of phones was higher than others. Unsurprisingly, the iPhone 6 was the most repaired phone and a sizeable percentage of iPhone 7 handsets were also in for cracked screen repair. In second place was the Samsung S6 handset, which proves that both technology giants are still at the forefront of smartphones. Third place was awarded to Sony Xperia.

Putting your phone in rice is a myth

Despite the strong urban myth to the contrary, putting your phone in a bag of rice will not repair water damage. Drying the phone out may allow the phone to operate again temporarily, but it is not a permanent fix and only a phone expert can advise what has gone on internally. Water damage usually spells the end for a phone, whether now or in a couple of week’s time. Similarly, placing your phone on top of a radiator won’t help it recover and could in fact damage it further, so if you’re one of the 6% of UK citizens who think this, then you are sadly mistaken.

Samsung and iPhone repairs don’t cost as much as you think!

More than a quarter of the population are worried about how much they’ll have to spend if they need to fix their mobile phone. However, Dr. Mobile can fix your screen from about £19 and we offer 3 months warranty with that!

Facts and figures
  • 31% of people in the UK think it costs more than £100 to fix a mobile phone (this is incorrect)
  • Around 22% of people in the UK use a phone with a cracked screen
  • 9% are using a smartphone that doesn’t charge properly
  • 16% of users believe their phone’s battery needs replacement
  • Damaged iPhones that can still make and take calls are being sold for up to 60% of their value on second-hand sites
  • 28% of Brits believe that fixing a smartphone takes around a week or longer (incorrect!)
  • 40% of Brits say they couldn’t last more than a day whilst their phone is being fixed!

Mobile, iPad and Tablet Repairs

If you need iPhone or Samsung repairs Dr. Mobile can help. Don’t walk around with a broken phone – call us on 079 7012 3451 and we’ll have it sorted quickly and at an unbeatable price!
When you get a new phone, you’re often tied to a network, and you agree to stay with them for a certain length of time, with a big penalty if you leave. However, if you’re coming to the end of your contract, you may be tempted by deals from other networks, or feel like you’re being pressured into accepting a new contract with your current one. However, with mobile phone repairs becoming increasingly cheap, and many people looking to save money, lots of us want to keep our phones for longer, and by unlocking your handset, you can save a lot of money.

Avoiding lengthy contracts

One major reason why people unlock their phones is so they can go onto shorter contracts. Networks are increasingly offering longer and longer contracts, and while you used to sign up for 12-months at a time, it’s now common to see 24 and even 36-month contracts being offered. However, once you’re at the end of it, the phone is yours, and often some simple Samsung repairs can get it looking like new. Therefore, you don’t have to sign up to a long contract to get a functional phone.

Choice of networks

Everyone knows the best way to save money is to shop around, and when you unlock your phone you can:
  • Compare a wider range of tariffs
  • Choose cheaper, new networks instead of the major ones
  • Choose short contracts or switch to pay as you go
  • Use foreign SIM cards when travelling to save money on roaming

Being able to change networks makes life so much easier, and means you aren’t tied to one of the pricey major networks, at the mercy to their price rises. If you have an old handset, some iPhone repairs can leave it looking like new, replacing even smashed screens or broken cases, so you can use it for longer.

Quick and easy

It’s very quick and easy to unlock a phone, and it usually only costs a few pounds, which you soon recoup in savings. Take it to iPhone specialists and they’ll simply be able to unlock it using specialist software. And yes, it’s perfectly legal to unlock a phone that has been locked to a network.

Sell it on

If you’ve got a great deal on a new contract, consider getting your old phone unlocked anyway. Second hand phones, especially iPhones and Samsung handsets, can make a lot of money, and if they’re unlocked then you’ll often get much more interest in the item. By spending a few pounds, you can get the best price for your phone, and find a buyer through local selling sites, eBay or through a specialist retailer.

For phone unlocking, repairs and much more, simply contact Dr Mobile on 07970123451 or e-mail Based at 83 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3JL, we offer fast repairs and a guarantee on our work, so you can stay in touch.
Most of us own a smartphone now and it’s almost a part of who we are. We have everything we need right at our fingertips from connecting with friends and family, paying for the bus or train to discount apps for dinner, our cinema membership and many other utilities - we simply can’t live without it!

However, having all this information at your fingertips has a downside and that’s your privacy being at risk. At some point you’ve probably been subject to a data breach that you’re not even aware of. Sometimes these aren’t within your control but there are a few things you can do to make sure you are well protected.

1. Use a passcode or fingerprint to log in

You may think that you always have your phone and that enabling the secure code or fingerprint is just a hindrance but just one time leaving your phone somewhere can mean that someone can access your email, contacts and bank with just a tap. A fingerprint is most secure, and it’s quick to unlock yourself so this is absolutely the best option.

This is easy to set up – on your phone go to security and there should be the option to set up lock screen or fingerprint access.

2. Limit your location

Your phone always knows where you are. This is great for emergency calls so that you can be traced (or your phone) but you should limit your location sharing on certain apps. There is no need for everyone to know where you are all the time, and certainly not when this information may be broadcast to people who don’t have good intentions (this is how potential burglars can see that you’re sunning it up in Ibiza, when your home is sitting empty). Turn off location settings in each app that you don’t think should require them, or at least keep your location off at all times that you don’t need to have it on. Having said that, you do need the following:

3. The remote wipe

If you lose your phone and you want to ensure that all your secure data is not accessible. Your phone provider has a method that helps track your phone down and wipes it clean. This means that you will have peace of mind, knowing that your data won’t fall into the wrong hands.

4. Wipe your browser

All browsers have the option to save your credit card details, passwords etc. This may seem like a great idea with all the information that we have to store but this useful tool can become a nightmare if you haven’t enabled secure login or remote wipe. Wipe your browser at the end of every day and instead of letting your browser store your details use an application such as Lastpass instead.

5. Regularly back up your phone

Regularly back up your phone so that you don’t lose your precious data through a hack or virus.

Mobile Phone Repairs by the Professionals

Talk to the experts at Dr. Mobile about mobile safety. If you need iPhone or Samsung repairs or your phone wiped we can help. We will have your smartphone repaired quickly and easily at unbeatable prices. Simply give us a call on 079 7012 3451 or pop into see us at 83 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3JL.

Whether we like it or not, smartphones have pretty much become an extension of our very being. It is believed that a whopping 2.5 billion of us own one, a number which is set to rise in the future. Initially, a mobile phone was just that, a portable phone. But of course, being the intelligent and curious beings that we are, we’ve developed the mobile phone into a technological hybrid; almost everything we could possibly need, just in our pockets.

Smartphones are made even smarter by the incredible apps being developed all the time to optimise the user experience. 2018 has seen a surge in state-of-the-art technology, and mobile apps are keeping up. As a phone repair business based in Nottingham, we always keep a keen eye on the latest in smartphone technology to ensure our customers get what they want from their phone. Here are our favourite mobile app trends of the moment:

Mobile wallet

With fewer people carrying cash, more instant and efficient payment methods are required. First, we had contactless cards, but now apps like Apple Pay and Paypal are allowing users to pay simply using their smartphone - no cash or card required. Business owners, take note.

Health and fitness

In our current health-conscious society, combining technology with our health and fitness interests helps to keep us in routine. Whether it’s guided meditation, a step counter or a full personal training app, there’s plenty out there to get us feeling happier and healthier using our phones.


The Internet of Things has been all the rage this year. It’s a system of interrelated objects - they could be digital or mechanical, or even humans or animals - which exchange data without human interaction. You’ll see this game-changing technology in home automation apps - apps that control your home appliances, lighting and security devices remotely.

AR and VR

Augmented and virtual reality technology is revolutionising the smartphone world. From fun apps like Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters, to practical uses like IKEA Place which allows customers to design their homes with virtual furniture, AR is infinitely expanding our reality.


Despite the expanding storage possibilities on our smartphones, the Cloud is an increasingly popular place to store our virtual stuff. Cloud-based apps such as Dropbox are more reliable and secure than storing data elsewhere, so we no longer have to fear data hacking or leaking.

Wearable apps

Set for substantial growth over the next few years, wearable apps show that we really are becoming at one with technology. Smartwatches allow us to access all the features of our smartphones on a watch. Meanwhile, wearable apps are also currently dominating the health and fitness market; with wristbands to monitor our sleep, step counters embedded within our smartphones and even smart gloves to improve our golf swing.

If you’re itching to test out this incredible technology but your smartphone screen is cracked or damaged, get down to Dr Mobile Phone Repairs in Nottingham. We’ll repair iPhones and androids so that you can using the apps you love and keep up with the latest trends. If this is mobile technology in 2018, what does 2019 have in store for us…?
Give us a call today on 07970123451 or pop into our store on Alfreton Road, Nottingham.
A new year signals a fresh start, a time for us to reflect on what we achieved (and didn’t achieve!) the previous year and what we’d like to change for the year ahead. Whether you want to get back on the dating horse, start regular meditation, delve into a new fitness routine or be more ethically-minded, 2019 could be the year that you change your life.

And luckily… there’s an app for that! Let’s take a look at the five best apps available at the moment to encourage that ‘new year, new me’ feeling:


This brilliant app tracks your habits and routines, allowing you to build a positive daily schedule. You set out your habits - e.g. ‘walk the dog’, ‘drink two litres of water’, ‘10 minutes of stretches’ or ‘read for 30 minutes’ - and track your progress in completing them. You can build streaks of ‘perfect days’ where everything gets done. Productive will also remind you to complete tasks, so there really is no excuse for 2019!


After a little more peace and clarity this year? Headspace makes home meditation simple with very short guided meditation tasks, building up to much longer and more complex meditation on a paid plan. This app will allow you to have a few precious minutes of silence in the morning to clear your mind and focus on the day ahead. It also has specific meditation for common problems such as getting to sleep, fear of flying and even meditation for children.


Have you heard of nomophobia? Well, even if you haven’t heard the term, it’s likely that you or someone you know suffers from it. Nomophobia refers to the fear of being away from our mobile phones, which may sound ridiculous, but studies show that the average adult checks their phone around 110 times a day. BreakFree is the solution; it’s an app which allows you to put time restrictions on those particularly addictive apps and limit your screen time. If you’re worried about how much time you spend scrolling and you want to cut it down for 2019, give BreakFree a go.


Hinge is the latest dating app on the scene and many people are attracted to its far more ‘real-life’ concept. It’s similar to Tinder in that it finds connections in your local area, for which you can swipe ‘yes’ or ‘no’ to, however, it offers a much smaller pool of matches. It will connect you with your mutual Facebook friends, and then friends of mutual friends, so somehow makes online dating feel that bit more natural. If you’re looking for love this new year, create a profile today.


This truly unique app is perfect for those looking to become more eco-friendly in 2019. It creates a community of neighbours and local shops who have surplus food they don’t want to throw away. Maybe you’re going on holiday and your fridge is full of food; with Olio, you can post what you’ve got and your local Olio community will put it to good use. Equally, you can pick up some tasty treats that otherwise would have gone to waste. It’s also a great way to meet new, like-minded friends in your neighbourhood!

Perhaps it’s been your new year’s resolution to finally get your faulty phone repaired? Or maybe you were dying to meet that dreamy match on Hinge but you dropped your phone on the way to the date? At Dr Mobile Phone Repairs in Nottingham, we can get you back on track to make sure your 2019 is just as you hoped, filled with positive habits, healthy routines and maybe even love. Give us a call on 07970123451 today.
Almost everyone owns a smartphone. Whether you have an iPhone or an Android device, these handheld computers are expensive. When the screen cracks or the charger stops working, you do not want to turn around and buy a new phone.

Convenient Android and iPhone repairs can help solve the problem. However, there are also steps that you can take to protect your phone from damage. Here are the three most common iPhone, iPad & tablet repairs and how to prevent them from occurring in the first place.

Replacing a Dead Battery

The batteries inside smartphones, tablets, and laptops are rechargeable and designed for continual use. However, they are also often one of the first components to die. Your battery may slowly begin to lose its charging capacity or may simply die for no apparent reason.

The two biggest threats to the health of the battery are heat and complete discharge. Avoid storing your phone or tablet in an area that may get too hot. Do not leave it on the dashboard of your car or on the window sill on a sunny day.

You should also avoid draining the battery completely. When the battery reaches 0% charge, it may become unstable.

Replacing the Home Button

Replacing the home button is a repair that iPhone specialists deal with frequently. The iPhone includes a power button and a home button, which helps make the phone sleek and stylish. However, the home button is also prone to damage, especially when you spill liquid on it.

To protect the home button, invest in a protective case for your iPhone. The case should include a cover that protects the screen and the buttons. You may also want to occasionally clean the entire exterior of the phone with a soft microfiber cloth to remove dirt and debris that may get stuck between the buttons.

Dealing with a Broken Screen

While the previous repairs are common, a broken screen is a top reason for needing professional phone repair services. Along with the top phone repair, cracked or damaged LCD screens are also the most common laptop repairs.

The best way to protect your screen is with a case. Besides protecting the home button, you can shield the screen against damage in case you drop your phone. A quality laptop bag may also protect a laptop screen against damage. Dropping your phone or laptop just a few feet is enough distance to crack the screen.
For fast and affordable laptop or mobile phone repairs with a three-month warranty, visit Dr. Mobile Phone Repair. We can fix your screen in 30 minutes or less. Call 07970123451 today for unbeatable prices and reliable repairs for your phone, tablet, or laptop.
What’s that you see? It’s shiny and new with the sleekest picture you’ve ever seen? That’s right, it’s the new smartphone you have your eye on! Whether that’s the new iPhone X, the Samsung S9 Plus or the Huawei P20 there’s one that most of us are probably coveting right now. So, before you rush down to your local iPhone specialists or network providers to get your new phone, stop and think about what you need to do with your old phone before simply chucking it at your younger brother’s mate.

First, some sensible tips:
  • Research. Check online how much similar models of your phone are going for on websites such as amazon and gumtree.
  • Compare prices from a few websites and take into account how old your phone is, how much usage it has had and what condition it is in (does it seize up from time to time? Be honest!)
  • Check if you have the original packaging, manual and any accessories such as headphones, that came with the advice. These will definitely add value.
  • Take your time and write up the description, a little more attention goes a long way. Yes, people care about grammar. Remember, the more money you can make on this phone goes towards your new one.
  • Can you trade it in? Talk to your network provider about this option.

Now, you’re ready to sell and you’ve got a buyer, what comes next?

Remove all personal information

You’d honestly be surprised how many people don’t. This is the easiest way for someone to steal your identity. Oh? They have photos of you? They can create a facebook account. They have bank details saved in the memo? See your account balance dwindle. Dr. Mobile Phone Repair guide you through the easy steps to wipe and re-set your phone before it gets into anyone else’s hands, hence preventing any invasion of your privacy.

How to clear the data from your Android device

Here’s how you can save your personal info for yourself, but make sure others can’t get at it.

It’s three simple steps:
  1. Open your Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connections and ‘delete’ all connections and devices.
  2. Go to ‘System’ to synchronise your apps and tap ‘Backup’. Here you can backup to your own Google Drive so you get to save all your photos and music.
  3. Clear all personal information by selecting ‘Settings’, then go to ‘System’. Here you select ‘Reset’ or ‘Backup and Reset’ and selecting “Factory data reset” then “Reset phone” to completely erase any personal information on there.
How to remove data from your iPhone
  1. Any Bluetooth connections you have, unpair them now.
  2. Backup all information to iCloud, your laptop, or an external hard drive.
  3. Go to ‘Settings’ and select ‘iCloud Name’ followed by ‘Sign out’ and then ‘Turn off’ to sign out of your iCloud account.
  4. Then choose ‘Settings,’ tap ‘General,’ select ‘Reset,’ and choose the option that says ‘Erase all content and settings’.
Please don’t just throw your phone away, this creates electronic waste, which is harmful to the environment.

Mobile Phone Repairs by the Experts

If you want to know more about mobile safety talk to us at Dr. Mobile by calling 079 7012 3451. If you need mobile phone or laptop repairs we can help. You can also call into see us at 83 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3JL.

We’ve all had one of those heart-stopping moments where we’ve dropped or otherwise damaged our phone. Whether it’s on a concrete pavement or down the loo, there are endless ways that your iPhone can escape your grasp and end up damaged, and it always seems to be at the least convenient time. Luckily, iPhones are pretty robust, so most of us can simply dust off our phone or put it in rice and hope it’ll come back online. But if your iPhone is badly smashed or won’t switch on, is it gone for good? Many people see this as a time to get an upgrade or look for a new handset, but by using iPhone specialists to repair your phone, you can get your phone back to great condition. Here are just a few of the reasons you should try and repair before you replace.

1. Save money

A new iPhone can be costly. Even if you go for a second-hand model, they can be hundreds of pounds, while a new phone through your network can mean a long, expensive contract. iPhone repairs usually work out much cheaper than buying a new phone, even when you take parts and labour into consideration.

2. Many repairs are straightforward

You may think that your iPhone is going to be extremely complex to repair, perhaps involving sending it off, but many repairs are much quicker and simpler than you think. If you use an expert in mobile phone repairs, your job can often be done on the day, as long as the parts are available, so you get your phone back much quicker.
Some repairs that can be carried out on iPhones include:
  • Screen replacements
  • Camera repair
  • Liquid damage repair
  • Repair of charging door
  • Resolving signal issues

Out of these repair jobs, things like screen replacements are among the most common, as the iPhone screen can be easy to smash. However, this repair can often be done in just 10-minutes or so, with no need to post your phone back to Apple.

3. Be environmentally friendly

Mobile phones use a lot of resources such as metals and minerals, so they’re not necessarily the most environmentally friendly items you can buy. That’s why it’s worth hanging onto your phone for as long as possible, simply having parts replaced rather than the whole headset, which is a much greener choice.

4. No need to transfer to a new phone

While getting a new iPhone can be fun, it means learning to use a new phone and transferring your data across, something most of us can’t be bothered to do regularly. That’s why many people choose iPad & tablet repairs, as well as iPhone repairs, because it means they don’t have to learn a newer system. Those who are a little technophobic will especially appreciate getting their old phone back.

From screen replacements to batteries, Dr Mobile of 83 Alfreton Road, Nottingham, NG7 3JL offer a professional service with a 3-month warranty. Simply call us on 07970123451 or e-mail